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I was home the whole day. I woke up at 6 am feeling sluggish. I stayed in bed till before noon. I felt like I was getting sick. I doubled up on vitamin C and drank tarragon tea.

It was also very hot inside our house. I could feel the air was not clean. It felt heavy. This was definitely toxic pollution that even with closed windows, penetrate our homes and lungs.

As much as I wanted to limit our use of airconditioning, ang init naman.
I only began feeling better at around 3:30 pm. I took a long bath after that.
I was in the study room when my husband arrived home at 5 pm. My hair was still wet and I had just turned on my computer, planning to update my blog.

Edmund asked me “o, saan tayo kakain?” I didn’t know he was planning to take me out to dinner. Day off ni Antonia kaya walang tinola.

A—“Tart ang init-init ngayon. At saka yung hangin, ramdam ko yung thick pollution. Pumapasok sa lungs natin. We are not conscious about it but the air quality in Metro Manila is killing all of us. We are inside this toxic environment.”
A—- “Ayaw ko sanang mag-aircon kasi global warming. Hindi naman pwede kasi nahihilo ako sa init. I feel guilty we contribute to global warming.
E—-“Bakit hindi ka mag-e-aircon, kaya nga naimbento yung aircon eh para gamitin.”

We drove to Greenhills, parked in the parking building near Ortigas Avenue. The first restaurant that I saw, ramen, o dito na lang.

Ramen Nagi
Ramen nagi, Greenhills

Dinner, Ramen

We were each given an order sheet.
Uso na ngayon restaurants asking if you want soft or hard. Dito there are more choices. Extra hard, hard, normal, soft, extra soft. I chose thin noodles while my husband opted for thick. Well, natural choices.
Dinner, Ramen order sheet

Every time I’m asked to choose, there’s only one thing that comes to my mind. And I am telling you, noodles are the farthest in my green mind.
Ramen noodles choices

It was my first time here. I noticed that the restaurant across was full of diners. Yun pala salamin yun. Kami pala yun.
Dinner in Greenhills
The soup was malansa. Kailangan maraming garlic or yung bean sprouts.
Pork ramen noodles
The bean sprouts found in one of the small jars on the table camouflaged the malansa taste of the soup.
Ramen, bran sprouts

Ramen noodle dinner, Greenhills

After dinner, we crossed the street to Mister Donut. Edmund bought a cup of coffee, P50.

C Square in Greenhills
Edmund’s long time favorite Mister Donut.
Mister Donut

On our way to the parking, Oyen and Derrick came out of Barcino. They were having dinner there with Derrick’s family. They all stood up to greet us.

Edmund and I got stuck for an hour in the parking building.
E—-“Naka empake ka na naman ano?”

Greenhills parking building

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