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I want to have a better camera other than my iPhone. Etong iPhone ko laging nagha-hang. Minsan, pindot ako ng pindot, ayaw magclick.
Cellphones are only good for taking selfies and food on the table but not scenic views and moving objects.

I tagged along with Oyen when she went to Greenhills a few days ago to buy some raffle prices.
We went to a store named Henry’s. They have Fuji, Sony, Canon cameras but no Samsung. The screens are maliit, 3″ x 2.5″ only.

I have a Samsung Galaxy camera I bought in Fry’s several years ago.
I haven’t used it for ages since I’ve been relying on my iPhone to take photos.
Samsung Galaxy Camera

I like it because the view screen is big parang cellphone.

Samsung Galaxy Camera wide screen

One of the sales guys told me Samsung no longer comes out with new cameras.

I want to be able to take nice photos of the snow and aurora borealis.
Pagtama ko sa lotto I will hire a professional photographer every time I travel.

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