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Last year Oyen got her parents a health insurance that’s supposed to cover for our health needs even when we’re traveling. She got nervous after I had an emergency operation in California a few years ago. She realized that her parents are now aging and eventually we would be needing more health care and the burden could fall on her. The insurance covers emergency dental health care like gum infection. Beauty treatments such as teeth whitening and braces are not covered.

She brought me to a dental clinic in London on March 19 and it was only a few minutes ago that they remembered to email me the copy of the x-ray and receipt of my payment.

I abhor going to the dentist. My blood pressure shoots up, I palpitate, I choke and gasp for air when a dentist starts poking my mouth. I am one nervous patient. Maybe I should go to the Covent Garden Dental clinic. Not to have work done on my teeth but just to have sedation. I need to relax. I will go there, rent their dental chair and pay for several hours of sleep.

Dental Clinic nervous patients


  1. You have an awesome daughter! I feel the same about dentists. Once, my elementary age daughter accompanied me and she held my hand while I the dentist was drilling in my mouth. Baliktad ano?The drilling and the shaking of the head agitates me.

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