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Twinkle used to be our most hyperactive dog. She was climbing fences and sprinting out the gate as soon as it opened. We suspected that she was one of the reasons why the village admin increased the penalty for dogs found wandering outside. The village security, neighbors’ drivers and guards alike already knew her name. We were always going around the village looking for her and calling her name out “Twinkleeeee! Twinkleeee! Twinkling!!
She was also the smartest among all the dogs we’ve had and still have. But ever since she got sick, she’s now clingy and lambing. She’s afraid to be left alone and always wants to be with Oyen.

She sleeps in Oyen’s room. Every morning at 6 am Edmund enters the room and brings Twinkle out so she could pee and eat. She has no appetite and is continuously losing weight. The maids hand-feed her with chicken and pork because lately those are only the foods she eats.

Twinkle sleeps in Oyen's room

Twinkle 003

Twinkle taking a bath  Feb 2, 2018

Twinkle takes a bath  Feb 2, 2018

I wish for Twinkle’s cancer to just disappear and not make her feel sick.
I wish for her strength to come back.

Be well Twinkle! Love Love Love


  1. Losing a beloved pet is a very painful and traumatic experience. A difficult scenario is when you are asked if you want to put your pet to sleep. Hope Twinkle will be healed.

  2. Hi Ms Annie… whenever my dogs got very sick, my vet would advise me to feed them BOILED and UNSALTED HALF-COOKED CHICKEN LIVER… u can ask the maid to give it to Twinkle plain, and eventually, add a few spoonfuls of rice but pls ask the maid to cut the chicken liver into small chunks pra may konting texture..

    somehow, it slowly helped to bring back their appetite for food… and now my dogs are back to their old, hyperactive selves again…

    I do hope cute Twinkle will feel better after eating half-cooked chicken livers… will include her in my prayers…

    God bless u and the fmaily and Twinkle always, Ms Annie.. take care and stay healthy and safe while ur in Vegas..

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