Skipped Bruno Mars Concert11:06 PM Sunday April 29, 2018 |

April 28, 2018

My daughter had bought three tickets a few months ago for the May 4 concert of Bruno Mars. I would be the Tan family annual host again this year and I realized there were still tons of work I had to do in preparation and to fly to the US after the concert would be too tight so with a heavy heart we had to pass up on seeing Bruno’s shoes up close. Our tickets were at the VIP standing room only, the closest to the stage one could get. Sigh. It seems to me that Bruno and I’s path are not yet meant to cross. Our schedules so far have not permitted me to see him perform in person. Am not giving up, one of these days I would surely catch him. It was good Yen was able to find a buyer fast for the one ticket while she gave away the one other ticket to her friend. I even accompanied her to the SM ticket office in Megamall to meet up with the lady buyer who paid cash for the ticket. Why at the SM ticket counter? Dapat before letting go of your money you must double check if the ticket you are buying is authentic. The name of the seller and the ticket numbers must appear on the ticket registry. Baka kasi japeks. What you didn’t want to happen was to be at the venue gate naghihimutok because you couldn’t get in.

Right after we sold one ticket, several more others were calling looking for tickets. Some were in panic.

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