Someone bought the red Ford Mustang09:27 AM Saturday March 10, 2018 |

Before Valentines Day and Chinese New Year, there was a stunning red Ford Mustang displayed at the showroom of Makati Ford in Pasong Tamo.
Someone came to buy it a few days ago. It was bought by a company for their top officer’s use.

Red Ford Mustang at Makati Ford

I went around yesterday just to see what was going on in the area where the vehicles were parked. I saw some garbage in the employees’ dining area.
The cleaner told me the city’s garbage truck does not pick up garbage everyday kaya daw naiipon.

Work Hard signage

Tint installers
Tinting at Makat Ford

I chanced upon a young Asian foreigner who was admiring his black Mustang. Apparently he bought a black Mustang and together with the red one, the pre-delivery guys were preparing both vehicles for release.

I called our cleaner to polish some spots with finger marks. The thing with black surface is that hand marks, dusts, could easily be seen. Our cleaner is only 20 years old, a graduate of two year vocational course on automotive. Malaking bulas yung bata.
Ford Mustang, cleaning

Black Ford Mustang -  Makati Ford

The guy was visibly pleased and excited. Me naman, forever motherly, told him not to drive too fast. He gave me a smile and said of course.

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