Sometimes it’s good to be alone01:47 AM Friday April 06, 2018 |

Sometimes it’s good or better to be alone.

Humans are by nature social creatures. We like to be in the company of other beings. We need constant interaction to keep our five senses running. We mirror each other’s emotions. We relate to each other. We share our joys and experiences with co-humans. We also look for someone to talk to when we are feeling bad about something.

Our relationship with other beings shape our thoughts and influence our behavior. It’s not uncommon that people pick up other people’s mannerisms, antics, bad habits, accents, favorite expressions and even body movements.
Our opinions and perceptions of things also come from the thoughts, opinions and views we’ve read, seen, heard from friends, etc. We mimic, imitate, emulate people we like.

By nature, we are not built to live alone. But sometimes it’s good to be alone. It allows us to clear our thoughts, to have some inner peace.

When I was a lot younger, most of the time I traveled alone. Those were simple travels but relaxing. I remembered just walking and sitting on benches and just enjoying the moment alone. No one to offend me intentionally or unintentionally.

By being alone prevents other people from making us uncomfortable. Being alone prevents seeing something that would make you feel off, hearing something that would offend you, feeling something that triggers negative emotions.

When you are alone, no one is there to hit a nerve. Being alone can shield you from getting angry or gravely upset by things people around you say or do.


  1. Yes..i remembered at times being alone when my daughter was in the hospital…it made me a stronger person..

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