Spoiled Dogs09:03 AM Saturday March 03, 2018 |

With Twinkle gone, we now have four left, Lucy, Jack, Stitch and Tyler.
Tyler used to sleep in my son’s room but since he’s been away, Tyler sleeps in Oyen’s room.
Stitch is not potty trained so she sleeps in the kitchen.

Our dogs are spoiled. My daughter spoils them with love and attention.
Spoled dog,  Stitch

Spoled dog,  shih tzu Stitch

Last night, she bought a new sleeping mat for Lucy for P1,800.
dogs sleeping mat

She also brought Tyler to play in Eastwood. I was shocked when she told me that the fee per dog was P500 per hour. She got a membership package daw so the fee was discounted.
Tyler in Eastwood

Tyler didn’t look like he enjoyed being buried in thousands of plastic balls. He was actually terrified. Siguro sabi “where am I?”
Tyler buried in colored balls

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