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It was my first time to attend and I didn’t know what to expect, what to prepare, what to bring.


I brought 3 pairs of business suits, 3 dresses, 3 pairs of footwear, and some dollars. I figured, I wouldn’t be needing lots of cash because the venue was at the hotel and I wouldn’t have time to go out and shop.

To my surprise, ladies’ booths were set-up at the lobby near the ballroom area.

Most of the women have been coming to this summit so they came well-prepared, from their headgears, to their gowns, shoes, up to their wallets.

The items for sale were not cheap, except for the Malaysian food snacks.


Lemon grass powdered drink

This bottled spreads and the powdered lemon grass are produced by:

This is Aleli, a Filipina who’s been working in Malaysia for the past two years. She a sales lady at one of the stalls selling clothes and scarves.


Women were crazy over the Indonesian pearls booth. Ang hirap sumingit.
Malaysia summit. klcc 012

Malaysia summit. klcc 014

I reserved this and told the owner I would get it at the end of the day, but I wasn’t able to go back. The next day they weren’t there anymore. They went back to Indonesia. Sayang, I wanted to give it to Oyen sana. It’s only $200 – 20% discount = $160.
It’s made of south sea pearl from Indonesia with gold setting.
Malaysia summit. klcc 022

Award-winning jewelry designs from Indonesia
Malaysia summit. klcc 020

Malaysia summit. klcc 017

Stringed south sea pearls selling for US$3,000 – $5,000 per strand.
Malaysia summit. klcc 019

Mongolian Cashmere Hobo

Women’s Business Council of the Philippines’ booth- with products under Echo Store

From left, Boots Garcia, Ann Pamintuan, and Chit Juan

The textiles, scarves, Sari, from Bangladesh, Indonesia, and India were so expensive. I wasn’t expecting that they would sell their wares that high.

And I noticed they were just throwing prices just like that.
I saw a scarf, and the Indian lady said $75 dollars, then I told her I would pay her $40 which was still a lot, she said fifty. Then came a European lady, she asked how much, and the Indian vendor told her eighty Euro. She also told me to be quiet and not tell the other lady how much I only paid.

Same was true with the ones selling the Sari. Since I didn’t have a long dress, I was pressured to buy something. I saw the yellow Sari totally forgetting that yellows were not allowed in the Royal Palace. They told me the Sari would be perfect. But when I found out I couldn’t wear it, I tried to return it, but they didn’t want to return my money.
I paid US$130, down from the $150 they wanted. But on the second day, since the other delegates were already frantic about not having any long dress to wear, they also went to the Bangladeshi stand. This time, they were quoted $200. They told me the prices were higher because of their plane fare and expenses.

In contrast with MCM, they gave 50% off and even donated every dollar to GSW.

Malaysia summit. klcc 003

Sungjoo told me she donates US$100,000 every year to the summit charity. God bless you Sungjoo.

Malaysia summit. klcc 006


The tote bags would be sold higher next year so she could give more money to the organization.
Fair enough.

Sungjoo Kim with Datu Nik Gee, and Bato Annie.

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