Target is gender neutral09:12 PM Sunday February 04, 2018 |

I saw a news clip saying that one of America’s big stores Target announced that it’s going to be more gender neutral. Accordingly it was also announced that they have started removing the directional signs boys girls and will replace them with the single word KIDS section.

So what’s wrong with identifying the merchandise if appropriate for boys or girls and if the clothes are intended for boys or the pink ribbons are for girls? So what’s wrong in saying if kids are either boy or girl? Is that already an offense to their being? So when a baby is born, the pediatrician cannot make a judgment whether this baby is a boy or a girl based on the sex organ it came with because she could be accused of labeling? Shall you wait till the baby can speak and make a choice whether this kid with unknown gender, till “it” declares “what it wants to be?”. So in the meantime, humans are no longer he or she, but IT till they make their own choices.

So when your kid asks you, mom am I a boy or a girl? The politically correct answer would be “you are a kid, when the time comes, you can make your own choice if you want to be a girl or a boy”. I am afraid the future generation kids will be confused as to their being.

Where is this world going? A place where you can get slapped for gender discrimination because you called someone hey man or you woman?
By identifying a person’s gender based on nature’s choice doesn’t mean being disrespectful to that person. If later in life he or she chose to become gay or lesbian or bi-sexual or transgender or just retained his or her original gender, male or female, that’s fine. No argument there. But while they are still babies, toddlers, teens, let’s simplify our lives by identifying them as boy or girl. I don’t think that’s a violation of their freedom of choice.

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