This is World War08:14 PM Monday March 30, 2020 |

I am not trying to scare you or picture a grim scenario of the future.  But this is our future now.  If we don’t think right and do right, there could be no more tomorrow.  The world is fighting a war.  This is World War.  This is the kind of war in today’s world of technological advancement.  No bullets, no missiles.  Only a deadly virus that originated from our neighbor. And who is fighting and who is winning?

The invisible weapon started in China.   They extinguished it faster because their people strictly followed government lockdown orders.

In the Philippines,  people still go out.  They don’t follow orders. Many are not taking the stay-at-home order and physical distancing very seriously.  I see people promenading outside their homes,  mga nagkukwentuhan meron pang mga buhat-buhat na babies.

Pagdaw pinagsabihan, sila pa ang mga galit.  Yung mga lalaki naman,  nagtatakbuhan at nagtatawanan pa daw pag sinisita ng barangay.  Akala nyo siguro nakakatawa ang nangyayari sa mundo ngayon.

Here in the US,  it’s only now that people are taking the lockdown seriously.  Two weeks ago many still went to the park, bars, beaches.  Ayan,  nagkahawa-hawa lalo.

This is an unprecedented time in our history.  We are all having difficulties.  Millions have lost their jobs.  Millions have lost their income.  Millions more will be in financial difficulty within the next month. Hundreds of thousands are sick and thousands have died and more are expected to die every day.

The corochina virus continues to unleash its deadly powers.  As a defence, humans are unleashing their kindness and caring for each other.    Genuine love and care are what humanity is using to combat this virus.   Countries, governments, private entities, ordinary citizens, are all working together to defend the world and stop the virus from inflicting more damage to humanity.

Let’s hope and pray that a vaccine and medicines vs the corochina will be available soon to save lives.  The latest news is saying that this deadly virus will stay for several more months.   Our lives will no longer be back to what we’ve been accustomed to in the past, pre-virus.

I think the earth is resetting,  rebooting.    Humans are suffocating the earth and I think it wants to breathe.

Our lives have changed and will change after this war.  We have more time in our hands while on lock-down.  Let’s get a pen and paper to list down a to-do list, to-change list, and a new wish list.   Make sure what you wish for is for the common good.

My guess  is that the  good ones will continue to be good.  The bad ones will continue to be bad. Those who lost their jobs now will soon forget how blessed they were when they were still employed.  After the virus, and they’ve found a new job,  they will begin to forget how to appreciate their blessings and be grateful.







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