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March 19, 2018 Monday

The flight felt longer than it was. I was not comfortable during flight. The whole right side of my face was painful and I felt so warm due to several layers of clothing I was wearing. The plane was small and seats were masikip.

We arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport mid-afternoon. My daughter made a 5 pm dental appointment for me so we were kind of feeling rushed. Heathrow is about 20 miles away and travel time could be as fast as 30 minutes to a slow two hours depending on the vehicle traffic.

London heathrow airport,  March 19, 2018

We paid 120 pounds sterling or 9,000 pesos for an airport shuttle to bring us to our hotel in Trafalgar Square. It was a nice Ford sedan.
Ford shuttle LondonHeathrow Airport

Edmund and I were glad Oyen picked this Thistle Trafalgar Hotel. We like its location being near the places we like to frequent.

Carolina is the hotel’s customer service manager and is originally from Croatia.
Thistle London Hotel, March 19, 2018

Since there were three of us, Oyen booked a suite room with a sofa bed.
Thistle hotel room 6002

Room 6002 has one king bed for me and husband and a sofa bed for Oyen
Thistle hotel room 6002,  Kind Bed

View from our bedroom
Thistle hotel,  view from Room 6002

Our toilet from March 19-22, 2018
iphone photos double upload london 1121

There’s a new hotel under construction beside Thistle Trafalfar Square and I found it interesting to watch the workers the crane, etc. I could watch it all day.
construction site,  London

The hotel does not have a sprawling lobby similar to 5 star hotels but their lounge is decent in size and is nicely appointed.
Thistle hotel  lounge

Thistle Trafalgar Hotel lobby

Thistle is along a short and very narrow road good for one vehicle. The advantage is that the convenience stores in front are a hop away. There’s a sandwich bar, parlors, barber shop, massage, etc.

Thistle Hotel,  narrow street

Orsini Sandwich Bar,  London

stores across Thistle Hotel

It was interesting to watch men with plenty of balahibo being groomed at the Pall Mall Barbers. Edmund wished meron din syang balbas.
Pall Mall Barbers, and spa

Yen and I had an hour of body massage. All the masseuse were from mainland China.
Massage, foot spa,  waxing,  infront of Thistle

Next to the massage salon is the Sante Waxing. There’s a prominent signage that says they do male waxing. I can’t imagine.
E—-“Ano ba yung waxing?”
A—-“Tinatanggal yung balahibo”.
E—-“Akala ko yung sa tenga”.

(ear waxing)

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