Tiger Woods is Back10:52 PM Saturday March 10, 2018 |

I am as excited as everyone else. Tiger Woods is -4 at the ongoing Valspar Golf Tournament in Florida. Although there are 3 others that are four under and Conners is leading with 6 under, iba talaga ang hatak ni Tiger. Thousands are excited to see him play and win.
Tiger can single handedly resuscitate the sagging golf industry.

Tiger Woods, Valspar
(Photo by Sam Greenwood / Getty Images)

I hope he wins. I am so encouraged to play golf too because of Tiger Woods.
I feel like hitting some balls.

A—–“Tart, pagnanalo si Tiger, maggo-golf na rin ako. Parang gusto kong mag-aral mag-golf. Turuan mo nga ako”.
E—–“Dyos ko day! Matagal mo ng sinasabi yan”.
A—–“Hindi mo naman ako pagtityagaang turuan. Sa iba na lang ako magpapaturo”.
E—–“Good luck!”

(Sobrang hambog nito. Nakakawalang ganang kausap.)


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