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Photos of our travel back to Manila from London on March 22, 2018:

PAL shares with other airlines their club lounge.
Airport Lounge London March 22, 2018

The lounge was so full of people. We didn’t stay long, we went out.
airport club lounge,  bar

We didn’t eat at the lounge because we didn’t feel comfortable, there were too many passengers.
London airport lounge, buffet

The trend now is to label the toilets as androgynous to be more gender-neutral.
Unisex toilet

We went out of the club lounge to find a quieter and more comfortable place to eat. We landed here in this restaurant, noisy too.
Pizza at the airport

My two companions were craving for pizza
pizza at the airport, march 22, 2018
calamari,  March 22, 2018

After eating, we still have an hour to waste. I just sat down while Oyen went around the shops. She bought some books, sale daw kasi.
books,  London airport,

Gucci uses Guccy, its Medieval spelling, for their 2018 Cruise Collection.
Naunahan na ang launching nila, marami na sa Greenhills ganyan ang spelling. Meron pa nga daster.

We thought we still have a lot of time, yun pala final boarding na to Manila.
Boarding to Manila March 22, 2018

Welcome drinks
welcome drinks, PAL

We just had pizza and calamari, eating time again?
PAL London to Manila menu

Willy Tee Ten and his partner were on the same flight.
PAL flight to Manila,  March 22, 2018

Canape and champagne for my seatmate, the guy I wed.
PAL , canape and champagne

PAL flight to Manila,  canape

Husband and wife ordered the same things, noodles and shrimps
PAL meal,  noodles and shrimps

I was seated at the same sit from Manila to London. The tv control was not working that’s why my husband wanated us to move to row 2 but I felt lazy to move. Heto ang hirap manood ng tv kasi I have to touch the screen. I couldn’t operate it comfortably from my seat. I have to move forward to reach the tv screen.
PAL London to Manila

I never say no to ice cream most especially Haagen Dazs
PAL meal,  ice cream

Strawberries and cream
Haagen Dazs strawberries and cream

Lugaw and dried mango, midnight snacks
lugaw and dried mango

The Cebu’s Best Dried Mango’s packaging design is impressive.
Cebu Best Dried Mango
Cebu's Best packaging

There was one moment during the flight to Manila when I didn’t know where I was going. I thought I was traveling to the US.
PAL Manila,  breakfast

After almost 14 hours, we landed in Manila on March 23, 2018.
arrival in Manila march 23, 2018

After an hour, I was back to my daster fashion. How good it felt to be wearing very light clothes. What a relief!
daster, dogs,  March 23, 2018

Edmund asked Oyen to order pizza. Again? We just had pizza at the London airport.
Yellow cab pizza,  March 23, 2018

Yellow cab pizza,

pizza with arugula and alfa alfa

Antonia’s welcome dish? What else? Gourmet tinola de malunggay.

Welcome tinola

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