Twinkle has malignant tumor06:11 AM Tuesday November 14, 2017 |

Our 8 year old silk terrier dog, Twinkle, has malignant tumor on his neck.
It popped a few days ago and she now has an open wound. Oyen brought her to the Animal Clinic but the vet didn’t want to operate on her for fear of accidentally hitting a nerve on her neck which could be fatal.

Oyen brought Twinkle to a more senior and experienced vet doctor for a second opinion. The doctor said the cancer has not spread to Twinkle’s mammary glands and she said it’s safe to remove the tumor on her neck.

Oyen said Twinkle was whining, restless while at the vet. Oyen left her for a while and when she came back, Twinkle went crazy, jumped and shook the small dog carrier and started crying. I almost cried when my daughter told me about that because I have experienced that kind of emotional and psychological pain while in the hospital. Every single time I was scheduled to go under the knife that was one of my ordeals. It was tough. I felt helpless, restless, terrified and suffocated. Naawa ako kay Twinkle. I feel her pain.

Twinkle is scheduled for operation tomorrow afternoon and we will all be there. She is a tough girl and we are praying she would be able to pull this through.
We want her to live long and healthy. The thought of losing her makes me cry already. We love her so much.

My daughter was exhausted when she arrived home that evening. She was with Twinkle the whole day. The trips from one vet to another, the two hour traffic over a 5 kilometer distance, and the emotional stress of dealing with this situation. She was supposed to come with us to the church but she had no more energy.
Yen with Stitch and Tyler

Yen tired

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