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When Edmund saw my alkansya last Saturday he decided to give me two small pails of coins.
Remember we scatter coins around the house before New Year’s Eve and we leave the coins lying around our window sills, doorways and stairs till after the Chinese New Year? These are the coins we use for that annual ritual.

We were not able to do that in the past two years because we were out of the country. This coming New Year, we plan on spending the New Year away from Manila again so maybe my husband figured akin na lang yung coins.
Oh thank you. I never say no to barya-barya.
I’ve witnessed people ignoring coins on the floor, street, sidewalk, malls, any place. Many people think it has no value, beinte-sinko lang or piso lang. But one cannot be a millionaire if one peso is missing. It’s just going to be 999,999 pesos. Some probably feel embarrassed to stop and stoop down to pick up a penny or a cent. I don’t. Wala akong hiya. I get excited every time I find a coin and I apply “finders keepers”. Diretso yan sa alkansya ko. I consider those as lucky coins, blessings from above. Bumagsak galing sa langit. They will multiply by one hundred, one thousand, 100,000, malay mo millions pa.

Two pails of coins

one peso coins

Total loot? P2,900 exact. My husband was thinking the amount should be more, eh puro piso. There were more one peso coins than fives and tens.
Am still grateful. Thanks Mr. Y.

one peso coins kalasocho

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