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I knew right away that he is Irish the minute he called me from the window of his Fiat.
David’s thick Irish/ Scottish accent is unmistakable plus given the fact that I was in that part of the globe just several months ago, the distinguishing accent is still fresh in my mind.

He was married to a daughter of a very wealthy Chinese family in San Francisco. Before they met, she was driven around the Bay Area in a brand-new Rolls Royce. Their marriage ended because she lived like a princess as a daughter and still expected the same kind of life as a wife. Of course he couldn’t provide that so they divorced but still remained good friends.

He came to Vegas because of his wife. He liked San Francisco better but his wife wanted to move to Las Vegas and so they did. Even after the divorce he stayed here. I asked him what are the two things he doesn’t like about Las Vegas. He said the summer and there is no culture – referring to art galleries and museums.

Three years ago he bought a small condo 850 sq ft. for $40,000 cash. One Chinese guy bought 80 units and paid $3.6 million. David regretted that he didn’t buy three more.

Uber driver David January 27, 2018

His condo is now worth $150,000. He has a tenant that pays $850 a month minus the HOA fees of $140, David nets $710 a month. He is selling his condo in a few months because he is moving to Nashville to be with his brother. His brother’s wife got an offer to work for a travel magazine based in Nashville and the offer is so good they are willing to make the move from Ireland to Nashville. David is a musician. He is also a record label producer.

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