Uber driver’s stepdad tried to molest her06:46 AM Tuesday February 13, 2018 |

The Uber driver I took from Summerlin to Southwest was in the mood to make friends. I didn’t participate much because I was tired. The thought that we could be friends stemmed from dogs. She told me she has three dogs and she lives in a house with a big lot just 20 minutes away from Summerlin.

After hearing her life story, I decided not to exchange phone numbers with her otherwise I might absorb her problems. I have my own so I don’t need more.

She told me her mother left them when she was 18 months old. She has two older siblings, one female and one male. She was too young to remember her but thru her older siblings, she was able to track her mother down when she was 10 years old. She tried to live with her during summer vacations but her step dad tried to molest her so she stopped visiting her mom.

Her two siblings screwed up their lives by taking drugs, drinking and at some point her sister became a strip-teaser. They rebelled and stopped going to school. Their father was too distraught dealing with his wife leaving him for another man, and taking care of his children overwhelmed him.

Uber driver told me that her mom has two other daughters from the other man and they were being molested by their father. She said her mom knew but she wasn’t doing anything to stop her husband from molesting his own daughters.

The two daughters also ended up psychologically damaged and were also into drugs, drinking, partying.

She said she was the only one who was able to get away from the effects of her mother’s actions because she was too young when she eloped with another man and she was strong enough to resist her step-dad’s intention to molest her. At a young age of 10, she knew that he was not supposed to do that so she left and never came back to his mother’s house.

She has two adult daughters of her own and she was proud to say that they went to college and are now working decent jobs.
Uber female driver  Jan 27, 2018

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