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Holy Thursday March 29, 2018

My husband arrived home at around 4 pm from playing golf. Nag-visita iglesia na sya sa golf course, 18 stations.

He asked me which church we were going. Yan naman mahilig magtanong tapos pagsinabi ko at malayo, ayaw naman, malayo daw. I told him St. Agustin in Instramuros, malayo daw. When I told him to UST, at first he didn’t like either. Out of the way daw. After a while he agreed na rin to go to UST for our Visita Iglesia. We no longer go to as many churches. For the past few years, we just pick a few, we don’t do 14 churches anymore.

UST visita iglesia March 29, 2018

We both didn’t like the modern structure that now blocks the UST church’s facade.
UST March 29, 2018

UST church,  March 28 2018

What was once the school’s gymnasium where Edmund used to practice with the varsity team, is now a tall building.
UST,  building

We went inside the UST church where the two of us used to attend mass when we were still mag-boyfriend.
UST church

Iba na ang matangkad, madaling makita ang bumbuns.
UST visita iglesia

It’s been at least 30 years since I last heard mass here.
UST, inside the church

I no longer remember how it looked like way back when I was still in college.
UST church,  Mar 29, 2018

Several times we sat in the balcony during the mass.
UST church, balcony

I don’t remember if this is the original baldosa.
UST church floor tiles

UST church organ pipes

Hundreds of people were coming and going. No one stayed longer than 10 minutes.
UST church devotees

That’s where I fell down. Edmund and I attended the Saturday 5-6 pm mass nung mag-boyfriend pa kami. Maybe 38 years ago. I came from Binangonan that afternoon, hurriedly got dressed, tapos nagsimba kami. We stayed in the balcony. On our way down after the mass, merong nahulog sa hagdan. My reaction was “ay may nahulog” but only silently. When I opened my eyes, ay ako pala yung nadulas. Nakahiga ako sa hagdan, Edmund holding my right hand while he was standing and looking down at me, and all the other parishioners were also looking at me. Hiyang-hiya ako. Eh kasi naman bakit nilalagyan pa ng floor wax yung sahig. Pinapakintab pa eh ang dulas-dulas.
UST church stairs

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