Walked from church to CVS10:21 PM Wednesday January 31, 2018 |

It was a beautiful day to walk. Again, walking is something I enjoy when traveling.
From the church, I walked a little farther away looking for CVS Pharmacy. I found Walgreens. CVS is near the Fashion Show Mall so from Walgreens, I walked back towards the Strip’s main area. It’s about a kilometer but I didn’t notice the distance because of the beautiful weather.

Mini Market,  Las Vegas

Las Vegas random photos 1

There’s a big unfinished project of Resort World. I was told this has same owners as the Resort World in Manila.
Unfinished Resort World in Las Vegas

unfinished Resort World in Las Vegas

Las Vegas random pole sign

Parang this part of the Strip is for those looking for bargain souvenir items.
Las Vegas t-shirt store

bargain t-shirts

I was afraid to cross the street by myself because there were cars beating the red light. I waited till there were other people crossing too.
Crossing the street,  Las Vegas Strip

Fake grass looks real.
green turf

Wynn tower

Real flowers, fake grass
Real plants and flowers,  fake grass

When sidewalks are this nice and wide, you’ll be encouraged to walk.
Las Vegas side walk

I saw a poster on the window that said buffet. I tried to enter the door to inquire but it was locked. I was looking for a nice restaurant to bring my family on my birthday.
Wynn canopies

Palazzo Las Vegas

I didn’t notice I was already in front of CVS.
Las Vegas strip,  Encore building

CVS Pharmacy Las Vegas Strip

This makes walking longer and annoying.
Escalator,  Las Vegas Strip

CVS was supposedly just across the street, just one more road to cross but the escalator, walk way, elevator, then stairs make it seems so much farther.
CVS Pharmacy,  walkway

Hindi bagay sa mga Americano ang namamalimos.
Treasure Island

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