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March 21 2018

After the birthday lunch at Frenchie Covent Garden, we walked back to our hotel, Thistle Trafalgar Square. We rested for a while then it was time again to eat, birthday dinner naman. Hindi pa tunaw yung kinain ko sa Frenchie.

My daughter picked a restaurant that is also near Covent Garden so we walked to the same direction and passed thru the same streets.

Birthday girl  March 2018

We removed some layers of clothing because the temperature was a little warmer, like positive 5 degrees. After coming from negative ten degrees, zero degree and up are considered warm.
Mr. Yee,  march 21, 2018

Cote Brasserie London

I enjoy looking at the years the business started. I imagine how things were back then.
Drury fine teas,  London

London street,  March 21, 2018

We couldn’t find the restaurant.

London,  Covent Garden March 21, 2018

Oyen was following waze.
Yen and ECY,  March 21, 2018

Rest muna.
OMB petersham nurseries, March 21, 2018

Yen, Petersham nurseries

We found it.
Clos Maggiore Restaurant  London

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