We have four new dogs!09:43 PM Sunday April 22, 2018 |

In a span of just one week, four new dogs became members of Team Yee.

Exactly a week ago, daughter bought a pretty 5 month old shih tzu, whose name Stella was picked by my son.


She’s been my constant companion ever since. It feels like we’ve been together for a long time.

Shih tzu Stella

I give her water before I leave the house in the morning and I give her water again as soon as I get home in the afternoon or at night, and before I go to bed at around midnight.
Stella drinking water

The maids take care of her while we’re out during the day. I am leaving soon and paano na sya. I actually thought of getting her a passport but she’s too young. She might get sick or worse not survive the long travel time. I will also need extra person to help me care for her. Too much hassle.

Three shih tzus

My husband is on a buying spree. No, I stand corrected, he is on an adopting mood. He said he is actually rescuing the dogs. He first bought two border collie puppies then two days later he sent Sgt. JB and Sgd. BJ to pick-up a 4 month old German Shepherd from Bulacan.

The border collies were medyo matamlay and had wet poo. Edmund bought them milk, vitamins, high protein food. He and my daughter have spent so much on dog toys, colorful towels, diapers, eye drops, and other dog supplies.

Puppy milk and food

All of us, including our household helpers are busy attending to the new members of our family. We are hiring one additional staff to help care for the dogs.

Stella and Norma

The border collies are siblings and I named them Cali and Jersey.
Border Collies

I named the German Shepherd HUGO. Our male staff calls Edmund boss, so perfect combination silang dalawa, when they go walking around the village, si Hugo at si Boss. As soon as Edmund came home, the security guard reported to him “Boss, si Hugo kahol ng kahol, gustong lumabas”.

My husband wants to buy more dogs, one female German Shepherd, and I don’t know what else. He is beginning to believe that he is actually doing some kind of humanitarian act by adopting the dogs or rescuing them. The German Shepherd kasi were sold by the owners kasi they couldn’t maintain it anymore. It’s too expensive daw to maintain. Having dogs actually is a big responsibility. Not only money, but the amount of time and a lot of effort are required to care for them, just like real people. Madalas dagdag stress din. “Sir, wala na hong pagkain si Lucy. Sir, nagtatai ho si Tyler. Mam, tila matamlay si Stitch”. Dog food is more expensive than rice. The vet visits, injections, flea collars, dog shampoos, meron pa silang home service for grooming, cutting of nails, toothbrush, etc. Their shampoo is more expensive than my shampoo. Tapos pag nag rambol sila, ang hirap awatin baka ikaw ay makagat din. Stressful din. pag merong makulit, tatakbo sa labas ng gate, hahabulin pa. Minsan they are able to sneak out, if the village security guards catch them, naku laglag ang dalawang libo mo.

The border collies were sold by traders to my husband, Naawa sya dun sa dogs. They are temporarily in isolation for a few days to make sure they are not sick. They are under quarantine to prevent any possible disease from infecting our other dogs. I told him the more he buys the more people will breed and trade dogs. Baka ma maya nito he becomes a dog hoarder.

Cali and Jersey

Edmund wants to send the border collies to the farm but my worry is they might chase my chickens, baka hingalin yung mga manok ay magkamatay. He also will bring Hugo to the farm, I don’t know how to keep him away from the chickens, one turkey and two ducks. We now have 22 new baby chicks, baka habulin eh magkampipilay, wala, patay na ang mga manok ko.


  1. Hi Ms Annie ❤️ Maybe u could ask the helper to give the collies some sugar water — one part water to 3-4 Tablespoons of sugar — yan kc pinabibigay ng vet whenever my dogs feel matamlay and walang gana kumain.. after a while, maliksi at masigla na sila… but u can also check it with ur vet first, bka they have other recommendations,..

    It’s really a big responsibility to take care of many dogs, sa food and vitamins, regular check ups and grooming, plus ung mga toys and other dog accessories and grooming essentials, ma magastos pa,kesa sa mga needs ng mga owners…
    para kang may nursery sa dami ng aalagaan mo…

    I do hope ur border collies will feel better soon,.. And i hope and pray that ur neck will feel better para dna madagdagan ang stress mo…

    Uave a great week ahead, and God bless u and ur beautiful family always, Ms Annie

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