What parents say07:37 AM Sunday April 08, 2018 |

1. Confuse-me
Me—–“Anak, if I will upload… download… hmmm, upload (?) the videos and I will download it to my laptop so I can upload it to Youtube…..”
ECY——“Ha? Repeat, repeat”.
O and E —–“hahahaha”

2. Pizza
Oyen—–“Dad what do you want?”
ECY—–“Just choose any”.
Oyen—–“You want manager’s choice, with pineapple?”.
ECY——“yung may oregano”.

3. Rovaniemi
Me first try ——“Anak, yun sa Ro Rom…Ronam…”
Me second try——“Dun sa Romani..”
Me third try——-“Dun sa Romony…”
Me—–“Yung may igloo”.

5. Helsinki
Oyen—-“Dad, they took the train daw from Helsinki”.
ECY first try —-“Ohhhh, sa Hels-kinski”.
ECY second try —- “Iba ang route… sa Hel-sinski….
Ecy third try—– “Dun take off nila… Hels kinki….”

(Oh no tart, iba yung kinky. Sex yun).


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